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Mike's Cherokee Build - The Green PoS - Miller88 - 01-19-2016 09:32 AM

This is how to destroy a perfectly nice Jeep Big Grin Figured I would create one of these since I will be finally making it "not stock"

Started with this [Image: Ryr5w9z.jpg] (I did not pay that much for the Jeep)

After the first "off roading" trip with it, the rear springs decided to crack. So I replaced them with Quadratec "HD" springs.
[Image: uRXoJMS.jpg]
[Image: UOv6Qab.jpg]

I also stuck a 1.75'' spacer in the front

Found out quickly that the Quadratec HD springs are just normal springs. So It was lifted in the front but not the back. Scored some 3.5'' ProComp springs for $200, shipped, the set.

They had a bit more than 3.5'' at first ...
[Image: uOjDSwb.jpg]

I got a set of springs free from a friend who pulled them for his Cherokee. Not sure what they are for, but they were in a Cherokee at Vince's U Pullit. They .. rode pretty awful and had not-so-great-flex (These are now residing in a Friend's Cherokee)
[Image: 9g6Lkz3.jpg]
Not pictured here is a lot of extra weight in the back of the Jeep to geat the rear end to sit level.

Part two - image limit

The factory U Joints were in need of replacement - so I threw some MADE IN USA NEAPCO u joints in the front.

They lasted, literally, until I pulled the 4WD lever. This one popped on grass, idling when I put it in 4wd
[Image: yMFJJYe.jpg]
[Image: CjkcCec.jpg]

Replaced those with Precision 377 U Joints that lasted up until 2015

Tried my hand at storm chasing. A roof blew off of an abandon gas station and did a bit of superficial damage.
[Image: tUgeQux.jpg]

Found out that, with the 3.5'' of lift, I was getting rear driveline vibes. Slowly, over the summer of 2012, the front started to have the issue too. Found out that the Low Pinion Dana 30 ate its pinion bearing. So, I had to buy a new front axle (way cheaper than getting the factory one rebuilt).

It needed ball joints ... and the Cherokee needed a wheel cylinder
[Image: MjXy5fP.jpg]
[Image: WJfJVZo.jpg]

Replaced the front axle ... Swapped the low pinion 30 for a high pinion 30. Huge different in driveline angles too.

When the "new" axle was dropped out of the junkyard jeep, it took out the lower control arm mounts. Rafael created some new ones for me.

Then helped swap the front axle.

[Image: ReWQU61.jpg]
[Image: oG5A8mf.jpg]

Still had rear driveline vibes. Bought a SYE kit and another front driveshaft for the rear. Of course, the day before I had to bring it in ... this happens
[Image: 1cuNmGN.jpg]
I had to laugh - this was a cnyjeep meeting and someone ran up and said "I think your driveshaft fell out" ... yup, it sure did. I felt it hit the floor.

SYE installed ... still had vibrations so I bought this:
[Image: VFSxwNq.jpg]

Never got around to putting it in.

At the 2015 Chili Bowl I had a friend riding with me. He thought the transmission and transfer case were hitting the floor when I was bouncing around.

Sure enough - the transmission mount had failed. Turns out that was the problem.

Put a new one of those in. After struggling with the bolts FOREVER. They were in there - steel bolts in aluminum transmission. Didn't want to pull the threads.
[Image: FYb6rEb.jpg]

Had some issues with the death wobble. Threw on a new IRO heavy duty Trac Bar. Does the job quite well. Also threw on the ZJ v8 tie rod (thanks Nick!).

After both of those were installed, mainly the tie rod, it was the first off roading trip where the toe wasn't out of whack!

Part 3

Did a high performance catback exhaust (there's 3 cats)
[Image: XL9efAC.jpg]

Put exhaust back on - booger welded on a new muffler

[Image: QalgEx8.jpg]

Put some rock sliders on:
[Image: PcPSPPg.jpg]
These are self tappered into the frame right now. But they seem to work. I will eventually build nutserts for inside the frame or weld on some stiffeners

And the cat plugged itself up again ...
[Image: BYd5zeN.jpg]

Jeep took a swim at Martinsburg so it has a new battery and alternator.

The Jeep is going to be going under the knife soon. Hopefully this week!

I decided to take the plunge and not make it "stock" any more. Ordered up a Lokka lunchbox locker, Inner axle seals (since I'm in there) , some Spicer 5-760X joints and another $30 wheel bearing (Turns out its another Timken Big Grin )

With all of that - the Jeep will be getting
- Locker
- U Joints
- Inner Axle Seals
- Wheel Bearing
- Extended front brake lines (didn't put on longer front socks because I am afraid of ripping the front lines)
- Longer shocks f/r
- Extended control arms - have fixed lowers with a bend and adjustable uppers. They are for 4.5'' of lift (I only have 3) so the axle will be moved a bit ahead. But they will allow for a lot of down travel!

I also plan on , if I have time, patching the holes in the floor from having to cut out the shock bolts and patching the frame.

I'll keep this updated as I modify the green PoS!

RE: Mike's Cherokee Build - The Green PoS - Smithy - 01-19-2016 12:19 PM

Thanks for sharing Big Grin

RE: Mike's Cherokee Build - The Green PoS - BlueCrawler - 01-21-2016 05:31 AM

Nice thread Mike. Get her ready for spring then we can help you stress test her to look for the weak bits!

RE: Mike's Cherokee Build - The Green PoS - Miller88 - 01-21-2016 08:46 AM

Yeah! Going to be fun year with it hopefully. Your place and Jay's will definitely be a good test for it.

Got the work done on the other Cherokee last night so now mine is ready to roll in. Don't even know if it runs since it has been sitting for so long ... and i has 3 flat tires.

I'd like to at least get the bolts loosened up tonight. Not sure if I will get the axle pulled tonight or not.

RE: Mike's Cherokee Build - The Green PoS - Burban - 01-21-2016 07:05 PM

Im finding the addiction to this is expensive. The cheap jeep is well over 1000 into it now. Very tempted to swap the driveline into the Cheaper Jeep or somehow get my extra 350 in it.

RE: Mike's Cherokee Build - The Green PoS - Dmiller - 01-21-2016 09:57 PM

Is the rear a 8.25 or 35?

RE: Mike's Cherokee Build - The Green PoS - Miller88 - 01-22-2016 08:20 AM

Mine or Andy's? Both of mine are 8.25. I bought the extra when I thought it was the rear axle causing the driveline vibrations (after doing SYE). Never used it because it wasn't the problem the entire time.

Started a bit last night. Got the axle end control arms bolts lose, axle nuts lose, shocks disconnected, swaybar disconnected.

Tonight , popping the brakes and steering off and hopefully getting the axle out.

On a side note - is it possible to remove the right side frame end upper control arm without taking the starter out?

RE: Mike's Cherokee Build - The Green PoS - Dmiller - 01-22-2016 10:51 AM


Okay, that's what I was thinking but I couldn't remember.

RE: Mike's Cherokee Build - The Green PoS - Miller88 - 01-22-2016 11:15 AM

Saw the bolt or remove the starter.

Starters aren't hard on these ... but it's super greasy.

And the Jeep really needs an oil pan gasket. Have to remove the axle (or make it droop a ton) to replace the oil pan gasket.

I'm not going to replace the oil pan gasket. My day will be ruined when I find the bits of aluminum in the pan.

RE: Mike's Cherokee Build - The Green PoS - Miller88 - 01-23-2016 03:39 PM

Got the axle out. It didn't need to come out , but since I had to take everything else off for the other stuff ... figured I would knock the steering off and do it inside. Installing the locker and seals will be easier with it on a table.

[Image: F94dzNq.jpg]
[Image: 4LEUWWy.jpg]
[Image: 4vRsHu0.jpg]