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Jan 4th Snow Trip, bring your chains!
12-01-2013, 11:31 AM
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Jan 4th Snow Trip, bring your chains!
There is a yearly snow trip the MVMC guys put on each year.... Jan 4th (Saturday) near the Rome/Utica area. Last year there was a pretty good turn out, probably over 15 vehicles......

I will say this though, last year, mother nature split up the group in two groups.... those who got stuck, and those who didn't.

This isn't a 'bring your ride to show off event', its a struggle the whole way through, and I feel it is important that people interested know there will be carnage to some degree. Also, lockers and winches are almost a must (this goes for almost ever winter event) so please come prepared......

The MVMC are great guys to wheel with and are very responsible, they also know what their doing when it comes to 'hardcore' wheeling.

PS, the trails will vary with the snow fall and temperatures... when it gets closer to the time I will post up how the trails are looking (usually the MVMC guys post up a few weeks ahead to give everyone a heads up on the difficulty) so when I hear from them, ill post up.

If you do plan on coming out, please CALL me or give me your number so I can call you (msg me with #), I will not be giving out directions over the internet, only by phone for those who are serious about attending.

Pray for snow!
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01-05-2014, 09:41 AM
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RE: Jan 4th Snow Trip, bring your chains!
How was the trip?

Too Many Projects . . .
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01-06-2014, 08:33 PM
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RE: Jan 4th Snow Trip, bring your chains!
I imagine it was fun.... I was unable to make it.

There are pictures online under the Mohawk Valley Mud Crawlers page.

From what I can tell it was a very small group this time, maybe 6 jeeps and a couple other cool 4x4s.

They cancelled my insurance for the big rig a couple weeks before the trip (but was able to borrow a duramax to haul the load), of course, I also suffered from a two week flu-like cold which left me in bed for wayyyyyy to long, so I was unable to finish the blazer in time.. instead of pushing and making mistakes, I decided to sit it out...

Such is life I guess...
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