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Mike's Cherokee Build - The Green PoS
12-26-2018, 11:28 AM
Post: #113
RE: Mike's Cherokee Build - The Green PoS
Finally got around to getting my rear stiffeners buggered in. The passenger side has had a hole in it for quite a while. As I found out, it's actually the good side. The bottom and sides of that "frame" rail were very solid.

The drivers side was giving me some problems welding in; it was paper thin in spots. The hitch actually started to pull through the frame on the drivers side.

hooked it to my parked F-350 and gave it a few good tugs and the hitch seems solid now. I'm glad I did it now, otherwise it would have been junk in a few months.

2000 XJ Cherokee - 3.5'' lift / 32'' Tirerecapper Pizza Cutters / Front Locker
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