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What you need to know about the 90 amp HF welder!
02-15-2017, 11:58 PM
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What you need to know about the 90 amp HF welder!
So I see many people using the 90 amp HF welder. I get it. I use to own one too. However this is what you need to know about it before you buy one.

Is it a good welder?

This welder has a major flaw in it's design. It welds on AC current. Now being a flux core welder that is marketed for welding steel, that's a little strange. To keep things simple for the new welders out there, let me just say this. DC current is for Steel. AC current is for Aluminum.

Can I get good welds with this welder?

"Good" is subject to interpretation. This will stick metal together. Depending on what you are trying to weld this my suit all of your needs. It will never give you a good looking weld. The beginning of your welds will always be cold unless you preheat the area. You will more than likely always have some sort of contamination in your welds. The arc is unstable. But yes you can stick metal together with it. I would never and I mean NEVER use this on anything requiring major structural integrity. The machine's design will always be fighting against you.

Is this a good machine to start with as a new welder?

Not at all. If you are new to welding do yourself a favor and spend a couple hundred more and buy a proper DC MIG welder. You can run flux core through a MIG welder. It's the same machine. MIG welders just have the ability to feed a shielding gas so you can run a solid steel wire vs using a flux shielded wire. If you want to run Flux core wire through a MIG you want a machine that is easy to reverse polarity. Here is what I mean by that. When MIG welding you normally run "Electrode Positive". This means the torch side of the arc is the positive side. When running Flux core most of the time the wire manufacture recommends running the machine on "Electrode Negative". Normally on lower cost machines you can switch polarity inside the machine where you put the wire. Some times they have a positive and negative lug inside there that you can switch the wires on. This is really based off machine design though. It's something you will want to research on any given machine before you buy one.

If I know how to weld is this an ok machine to buy?

You can make it work. You're going to hate it but like I said it sticks metal together. Again don't use it on anything requiring major structural integrity.

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