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'88 Runner grocery getter
01-06-2018, 10:47 PM
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RE: '88 Runner grocery getter
Fuck the original shackle.

Found some 7/8" tubing... drilled the ID out to 5/8" and cut them down 2 3/4" for the inner bushing sleeves. Pressed them into the original bushings. Used 5/8" fine thread bolts with locking nuts to attach.

Exhaust got in the way.. Had to cut it shorter.

Approx 2" lift in the rear... sits just about perfect.

I plan on getting some sumosprings for the rear as well, which is a progressive coil bump stop which essentially acts the same as a overload spring would on a leaf pack. One of the guys going on the trip has a similar year runner and had issues with overloading the springs even with an add-a-leaf. Sumospring was the ticket, so I will do the same.



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01-08-2018, 05:53 PM
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RE: '88 Runner grocery getter
I can start to see I have a bit of a weight problem now with the 4runner. With a full tank of fuel, the rear bumper, and the box inside... she has definitely become more sluggish. When I grabbed the 30 lb winch and 30 lb hi-lift jack and threw them inside, it has become even more noticeable. Then with a head wind, oi....

Of course, I still didn't build the front bumper, sliders, rack, rear cargo yet.. and I still have to add another 132 lbs of fuel and water, week long camping accessories, and another 175 lb person.

Now, I pulled my boat with the 4runner. That weighed around 1500 lbs and I could only grab 5th down hills on the highway. So I know it can cruise around 50 - 70 mph even with 1500 lbs hooked to the back, but I really would like to reduce the 22res effort as much as possible for this long of a trip, especially since this is my DD..

Any ideas???

My one idea is to NASCAR it. Remove a lot of little shit that eventually makes up a good amount of weight. I plan on taking the rear bench out for the trip. I also would like to remove the rear storage box and actually sell it and build a new one that's 1/4 of the weight (probably out of aluminum). The third idea is to also take the plasma cutter to my rear and front bumpers and cut out unnecessary 'fat', but it would have to be done in away that looks correct and flows with the vehicle (which probably wont happen). The fiberglass top and the front doors are also a bit heavy. We will be running no doors on the trail but I don't think that would be possible for the 6 days on the highway, plus it will be monsoon season. I wouldnt mind getting a soft top for it (20 lbs) minus the fact that they cost around $1000. But the fiberglass top weighs 188 lbs!

It would be awesome to remove around 100 lbs permanently from the truck some how, and anything on top of that would be amazing! But its hard to remove weight when I keep adding it.

BTW, selling the box for sure. Its tough as nails and well built. Asking $320 if anyone on here is interested.
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01-08-2018, 07:36 PM
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RE: '88 Runner grocery getter
As you are now finding out. Getting carried away with the weight is a very easy thing to do. On the plus side you shouldn't have any issues finding some power adders for that engine. You may also want to consider running lower axle gears. Those would obviously be more of a long term fix and on the expensive side.

For a possible quick fix? Get someone to build you a soft top that eliminates the tailgate. That would be a good chunk of weight savings. Also maybe get a 2nd set of doors and do something like this to them. If you completely gut the doors and keep it light weight and simple on finishing the cut job you could save a few pounds and get that no door luxury when the weather permits. Maybe finish it fiberglass?


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01-09-2018, 05:25 PM
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RE: '88 Runner grocery getter
Not sure about adding power to the engine. Everything I have read on the 22re, a lot of work and $$ adds only a little power. But a supercharged 3.4 toyota swap??? Now that's something I can get behind! The NMBDR coordinator has an 86? 4runner that he swapped over to the 3.4l and has already helped me with swap tips. It is definitely in the future...

I am not going to mess with axles since I don't plan on having these ones too long. IFS front and 4 cylinder rear will both be gone (hopefully by next winter).

So that really only leaves me with weight reduction. I like the rear gate idea, although I believe most of the weight of the gate is actually the window and motor inside. I would like to get a beater tailgate and remove all of that inside.

Weight Reduction plan

- Remove frozen A/C compressor in engine bay (-17 lbs)

- Add canvas safari top and remove fiberglass hardtop (-160 lbs)

- Remove inners of tailgate (- 20 lbs)

- Remove rear bench seat (-35 lbs)

- Cut 8 4" holes hidden underside of the rear bumper (-10 lbs)

- Remove rear storage box and build new aluminum (- 60 lbs)

Total = possible 302 lb reduction

I am still torn on the front doors. The wing windows make no a/c a breeze and having a solid door that is water tight and locks is ideal. But I wouldn't be surprised if they weighed over 40 lbs each. I would love to run just tube doors but I think the highway noise over 8 hours a day would be a little overwhelming...and of course, there is no seal for rain. I am not against half doors, then I lose the wing window and I would have to figure out something that is water tight..... Good thing I have half a year to think about it Tongue

Oh, also bought this today. Not for a 4runner.. but for only $80 ... ill make it work.


And received my hotel reservations packaged in a convenient 4 lb package...

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01-10-2018, 06:25 PM
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RE: '88 Runner grocery getter
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01-14-2018, 06:00 PM
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RE: '88 Runner grocery getter
Those soft top camper covers and the soft top 4runner and bronco covers are very popular in north carolina

1998 ZJ limited 4.5" lift 32s, lots of stuff
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01-17-2018, 06:55 PM
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RE: '88 Runner grocery getter
(01-14-2018 06:00 PM)Ayreonaut Wrote:  Those soft top camper covers and the soft top 4runner and bronco covers are very popular in north carolina

Agreed. It WAS 70 degrees the other day. No reason not to have a soft top!

Of course, its dropping down to 14 degrees tonight... but we got some snow, so that was nice. Thanks for sharing the cold weather guys!!


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